You Must Know These Dog Toy Categories

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Do you remember the times a decade ago when there were only a few toys for dogs to play with and recreation for a dog was not so exciting? Times have changed drastically now. You would rarely find a dog playing just with a bone, stick, or rope.

As time is changing the human-canine relationship is enhancing day by day. They have become the dearest part of our life and their comfort, fun, and everything else are equally important to us. This has given rise to the introduction of a variety of pet supplies in the coming days. Similarly, toys have become quite famous among pet parents in recent times. 

Dog toys have a larger share of profit in the pet industry just like in the olden times. In fact, pet toys and supplies, both have been the most profitable and booming segment of the pet industry as always.

Further analysing the dog toys, it’s important to classify them in order to get a better picture of them as the dog toys section is vast and includes several types of toys. The industry insider experts divide them into subgroups. 

Kong is one of the pioneer brands when it comes to dog toys, they classify them into 5 types as below.

Training toys

Here the training toys are considered chew toys and teething toys for puppies. These toys mentally stimulate dogs, offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs. Some of the chew toys can be stuffed with easy treats, snacks, or ziggies. They are made up of rubber and are recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide.

It includes Bones, dumbbells, a ball (with or without a rope), a ring, tires, and more 


Treat dispensing toys are for long-lasting mental and physical stimulation that extends playtime. Keeps dog engaged in healthy, active play. Made with durable material and unique shapes for durability and excitement. These toys can be stuffed with treats and snacks which encourages dogs to play with the toy and keeps them occupied.  

It includes a ring, stick, tire, and other exciting shapes

Interactive toys

Interactive toys build the bond between the dog and the parent it includes fetch and tug toys. Fetch toys satisfy the chasing instincts of dogs. They come in convenient shapes ideal for grab-and-go action, and also into water.

It includes a fling, a ball with ropes.

Self-amusement toys

Dogs play with these toys alone and are engaged for a longer period of time by themselves. Such toys also include treat dispensing puzzles or rope toys that keep dogs amused and engaged.

Comfort toys

These are mostly plush, cuddly toys but they can be the toys with which dogs love to spend their time. Also, the toy dog has a great bond with and adores sleeping with it. The soft and luxurious cuddly plush toys make great for snuggle time comfort. These toys can be played with indoors. Adorable and fun characters make them extra amusing and delightful.

It includes plush Alligators, Koala, Elephants, etc  

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