Five most interesting facts about dogs

by ABK Grooming
We focus a lot on dog behavior and what we can do to help them to adjust the surrounding. Whether a Yorkshire Terrier, a Great Dane, a Bulldog or a Dachshund - possess identical bone and muscle structure. Fundamentally, they all are the same. The domestic dog is a man-made creature developed from generations of carefully controlled breeding practices. We have created dogs to assist us in many daily functions. Many breeds still excel at their original functions or jobs, such as herding, hunting or tracking. As times changed, some were no longer required to perform their initial role, even though the breed itself remains with us today.

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Dogs have about 1700 taste buds on the tip of their tongue. They can detect sweet, sour, salty, and bitter tasting items. This teaches them what is good to eat, what to avoid, and what is safe and dangerous. We have about 10,000 taste buds but they aren’t all on the tongue. Some are under it and some are on our cheeks and roof of our mouths. We even have a few on our lips which helps us detect salty things.


Humans have 206 bones. Dogs have 320 bones! This explains why they are so agile and able to leap, run, and move the way they do. Some dogs have the ability to climb trees and others can turn corners like they are on rails.

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Dogs have a digestive tract length that is almost 3 times the length of their body. We have a digestive tract that is about 30 feet long. Raw food can be digested in about 5 hours but dry food takes about 10 to 12 hours. We digest food in about 2 hours.


Other breeds have evolved a proficiency in other activities that allow them to continue to assist man. For every purebred dog, there is a written standard developed by parent breed organizations that outlines what the “ideal” dog of that breed should look like. That “look” is a key part of maintaining a dog in a condition to perform its original job with the highest degree of proficiency. In other words, to help it be all it can be being able to decipher the official breed standard can be