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Top 10 Grooming Products to Clean Your Dog at Home

We love a day of pampering and relaxing where we can just sit back and have hands work on us. Our pets deserve the same primping. The one good thing the lockdown restrictions did was help us learn to be resourceful and self-sufficient. Grooming salons can charge a fortune for a session, and let’s just face the truth, why not take matters into our own hands and cut costs? Some tasks are best left to professionals, but let’s learn what we can do to groom our dogs at home!

These are the steps you should follow and the top 10 grooming products you can buy today to clean your dog at home:



As the weather warms up in the summer, many dog owners believe it is important to shave their dogs to keep them cool. Although you may think it's better to shave them as close to their natural state as possible, experts warn that doing so can result in sun damage and a loss of insulation. To make sure you get their trim right, we encourage you to get a trusted and easy-to-use dog grooming clipper. Amazing options are:

Avalon Home Grooming Pet Clipper


Brought to you by AEOLUS, this pet clipper has a slender and lightweight design that fits easily in any size hands. It's remarkably simple to use and maintain, making it ideal for both professional and home grooming at an affordable rate. 


Andis Multi Trim CLT Cord/Cordless Trimmer


For a clutter-free workspace, go cordless with the Andis Multi Trim clipper  that boasts a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Its power can be adjusted to make all types of trimming simple and efficient. It's a balanced, ergonomic trimmer that's ideal for face and light grooming. A stand-up charging stand is included to keep you organized and stress-free! 




Before and after bathing your dog, make sure you brush them. Matting can retain product and dampness in your dog's coat, causing inflammation and rashes. To disentangle their fur, use a tangle remover and a quality slicker brush to gently loosen the mats and tangles. 

TropiClean Tangle Remover: 


TropiClean Tangle Remover helps to repel grime, adds gloss, and makes brushing easier. This no-rinse, ready-to-use product penetrates mats and tangles swiftly to gently eliminate knots, decreasing brushing time by up to 50% and providing more time for cuddles!

Groomers Goop De-tangling 5 in 1 Spray

De-tangle, add a fresh scent, increase hair shine, and strengthen your dog's coat health with Groomers Goop De-tangling Spray 5 in 1 spray. Designed especially to alleviate pet discomfort and provide a pain-free brushing experience when brushing a thick coat. All breeds are safe with the Groomer Goop recipe, which is mild enough for puppies.

Andis Standard Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This is an excellent tool for grooming your dog since it facilitates the removal of knots and dirt. The self-cleaning button on this brush is its best feature, as it removes dog hair from the brush on pressing. This brush has high-quality pins and is popular with pet parents and professionals alike. You'll experience 90% less shedding if you use this high-quality self-cleaning slicker brush regularly!

Trixie Fur Care Glove

Trixie Fur Care Glove is made of soft mesh material and is the most efficient method to groom your young or sensitive-skinned dogs. You may gently detangle your dog's coat by petting them while wearing this glove. Its gentle bristles can remove loose and dead hair while massaging the pet's coat to increase blood flow for a healthier and lustrous coat.




Andis Standard Flea Comb

Fleas can be a big nuisance. This flea comb not only removes fleas efficiently but also stimulates the skin and enhances hair follicle health. Your pet will feel more at ease with rounded pin ends. This flea comb is a favorite with pet parents and groomers because it is suitable for all dog breeds and is very affordable.




A bath approximately twice a month is healthy for most dogs, and there is such a thing as too much. Bathing too frequently might cause the skin and fur to dry out, or even cause irritation. 

Shampoo and Conditioner Collection. 

Use a tearless shampoo if you can, and always properly rinse your pet. Human personal care products should never be used on dogs since they can be unsafe to them, trigger allergies, and irritate their skin. Dog shampoos with soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Chamomile, and oatmeal can be great for their sensitive skin. The collection includes a lot of options to choose from, all of which are used and trusted by pet parents worldwide. 




It's critical to dry your dog's coat as soon as possible after they've been bathed. A blow dryer set to cool or low heat would suffice, although a more powerful dog dryer may be preferable. You should gradually familiarize your dog with the sound of the dryer, and keep some treats on hand.

Marvell New Ionic Generation Dryer

Marvell New Ionic Generation Dryer is one of the most popular pet grooming dryers. It has six heat settings, giving you the flexibility to dry your dog at any temperature you want. It comes in a gorgeous black color that is both elegant and practical for grooming. It’s also the most affordable option for grooming your pet at home. 



When your dog is due a nail trim, they can have problems moving about. Simply holding your dog's paw and offering a high-value treat is a gentle way to initiate a nail-trimming routine. You should use a nail clipper that is made exclusively for dogs. You don't want their nails to get caught in carpets since it can cause them to trip. However, make sure to clip the hair to the right length.

Andis Standard Pet Nail Clipper


It's simple to keep your pet well-groomed with these heavy-duty Andis nail clippers. Its adjustable soft grip gives you control, while the spring-loaded mechanism reduces hand strain and makes grooming a breeze. It also has a safety top that prevents you from harming your pets' nails by overcutting them.


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