Leading The Pack - The Andis Pulse ZR II Purple Galaxy

Clipper is one of the significant tools of the groomer's toolbox. While there are a variety of clippers available in the market. Does everyone want to know which is the best professional clipper? 

Pulse ZR II Purple Galaxy by Andis is the perfect clipper for every busy professional groomer. 

We know every groomer's nightmare was clipper running out of battery. But with the Pulse ZR II Purple Galaxy, It's impossible to run out of battery. It has another battery you can recharge while you work with the first one. 

The clippers also indicate the charge left with a yellow or green light. If this is not enough to tempt you, also know that it shows you yellow light if something is wrong. 

For instance, if a blade is not oiled or it's seized the clipper will stop working or show yellow lines. It means less of broken clippers, messed driving lever, and hot blades. In short, this clipper will save a lot of pence you spend on sharpening blades, quad drive replacement, and other maintenance. 

The clipper runs for 3 hours if gets fully charged for once. The charging time required for each battery to get charged is 2 hours. 

The other reason for the Pulse ZR II Purple Galaxy is every groomer's first choice. It is just butter on tough to toughest coats. It has 5 speeds that mean super high gear that cuts unbelievably smooth even on the thickest coats. Certainly saves time for any professional groomer to attain the maximum number of clients waiting for your creative groom. 



Super duty performance with cordless design truly makes it out of this world as it provides effortless grooming with agile handling for all the professional groomers. It helps them refine their grooming mastery even on the toughest breed. The powerful motor combined with lithium-ion - battery works marvelously on any coat type.

Along with all of the features, it has such a stylish and gorgeous look that we would conclude "Pulse ZR II Purple Galaxy is worth every penny"