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4 Types of Dog Grooming Tables You Didn’t Know Before

Groomers are always confused about which dog grooming tables are for what purpose and the availability of the tables in the market. There are competition tables, then there are hydraulic tables, and electric tables. Some tables have the feature of adjusting the height, and some swivel 360 degrees. Few are made of stainless steel, while some are made of plastic and various other materials. Let’s segregate the dog grooming tables

as per their type to get a better understanding of them. Also, check out the new table in stock; it is round in shape and height-adjustable. The table code is FT-805 and is named Armour Round Hydraulic Grooming Table.

1.  Foldable Tables

This is generally the least expensive type of dog grooming table and is often used in the homes of pet owners. The legs of this table are not always adjustable. This concludes that this type of dog grooming table is not the first choice for professional groomers, but they keep considering it for their needs as its loading capacity ranges from 20 to 50 kg. We would recommend the Sprint Deluxe Folding Table here. It comes in two sizes, i.e., medium and small, with variant colors.

Dog grooming competition tables

2.   Hydraulic Tables

A pedal operates the table, which moves using fluid pressure. The hydraulic table is generally the most expensive type of table and is favored by many groomers because the table can be adjusted with pedal control, allowing the groomers to be hands-free at all times. Make sure you know how far down to the floor the table will move. Many groomers wish to use hydraulic tables; it is a convenient method to get the dog onto the grooming table. These tables have unique designs that eliminate wobbling and tipping. They are long-lasting, durable, and resist scratches and dents..

hydraulic round grooming table for pets

3.   Electric Tables

Electric dog grooming tables are also very popular with the groomer network. It moves up and down very much like the hydraulic tables. However, the table works on electricity and a switch. These tables also have unique designs to eliminate wobbling and tipping. They are long-lasting, durable, and have the ability to resist scratches and dents. They have power points for the clipper, nail grinder, and USB charging port. It makes the work effective and easy. It may contain a drawer too, as it is available in the Magna Low Electric Table. Even the new Magna Big Z Electric Lift Table is a wonderful option to go for, as it has a huge loading capacity of 350 lbs

Electric dog grooming table

4.   Trolley Table

This table can be a collapsible table with wheels, making it a popular choice with mobile pet groomers who work by visiting their client's homes. The table is adjustable, so it will match up the peak of the groomer with the dog that is being trimmed. This prevents the backache that is caused by regularly bending through the entire grooming process.

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