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What Experts Have To Say About Blade Maintenance? | ABK Grooming

What Experts Have To Say About Blade Maintenance?

Why It is Important to Maintain Clipper Blades?

Grooming tools are the backbones for a successful grooming business. Even if you groom your pet at home you need to properly maintain the grooming tools at all times. Let us see why it is important to maintain clipper blades:


The life of our clippers depends on the life of the blades and that’s why we have to take good care of clipper blades to ensure that our clippers last for a long time. If the clipper blades are poorly maintained then it will increase the wear and tear of the clippers. When blades are sharpened, cleaned, and oiled well, they help clippers to run smoothly and efficiently.

Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clipper


When clipper blades are well maintained then it makes it easier for us to groom pets. If we try to groom a dog with a dirty clipper then the dog’s hair will get caught up in the clipper blade due to previous hair and debris that are present in the blade. You won't be able to clip smoothly and the clipper will pull the dog’s hair causing it discomfort. Clean and sharp blades enable us to give a smoother and quicker cut to our dog’s fur.

Clipper blade for dog grooming


If you use a dirty clipper blade on your pet then they could fall sick. Diseases and allergies among pets could spread when you use dirty clipper blades. That’s why you should regularly clean your clipper blades as it will prevent your pet from falling ill.


Proper maintenance of your clippers and blades is the key to a flourishing grooming business. If your clipper blades are poorly maintained then they will get damaged more easily and might even stop working. This will cause downtime in your grooming and make it difficult for you to work smoothly. That’s why your grooming tools need to be in top condition at all times to ensure that there is no downtime in your grooming.

Pulse ZR Clipper for dogs


When our blades are well oiled and clean, they will last for a long time and will reduce the need for us to buy new blades. This will save us time and money in the long run.

Thank you for reading. Taking care of your grooming tools certainly makes your grooming life easier. Happy Grooming, everyone!


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