Diapers or Pads? What to use when?

by ABK Grooming
Doggie diapers or pads? We know we need one or the other to keep our pet and home clean and tidy. But which one? Doggie diapers or wipes or pads, we got so many options that these confuse us which one to choose and of which brand? It’s such a baffle! We also have a wide options of dog pads that is to be put on the floor so the puppy can do their work? To help you figure out which is best for you, we’ve piled a list with a few recommendations.


Trained Dog/Untrained Dog

For untrained dogs, use diapers if your pup runs around the house during potty breaks. Go for dog pads if you’re crate training your puppy (put the pad on the crate floor).

Dog pads

Old Dog with urinary issues

Older dogs mostly have problems during potty breaks/Jonny break. For that concern, Use Diapers. Diapers will absorb the urine and protect your senior dog’s abdomen and legs from getting wet. There is a huge issue if we don’t do so as it might get infectious and cause unwanted diseases. Using Diaper will improve their hygiene.

Ill Dog or Unhealthy Dog 

If your dog is trained to do his work outside and not just here and there but he is ill then it’s hard for him to adjust in doing potty where he is resting. In that case, your dog has to wear diapers while recovering from an illness, injury or operation.


Female Dog

When your lady dog is in mensuration, which usually happens a couple of times a year if she’s not spayed, use a diaper. This will be hygienic and will also stop her from constantly licking herself.

While Traveling

If doggie is traveling in a crate, place a pad on the crate floor. If he is on a car seat, a diaper would be great to work with. Universal Travel Wipes from Trixie are one of the best product while travelling with pet. We also have comprehensive range of Pet wipes from Petkin, USA.

 simple solution diaper pads

If you’re ready to buy diapers, go for Simple Solution disposable diapers. They come in different sizes from extra small, small, medium, large to extra-large. They fit true to its size and are comfortable. They also have disposable diapers for male dogs. They have good fit due to elastic band and adhesive fasteners (Contact us for more details or if you want to place the order).

If you need dog pads, try OUT! You can use Moisture lock training pads from OUT, USA while travelling (Contact us for more details or if you want to place the order). It is 100% Leak proof and extremely absorbent. This means they are comfortable for dogs to wear and move around in.