Fun With The Pup In The Sun - But Be Careful

by ABK Grooming

Spring is in full swing and summer is nearly upon us! You exactly know what I am talking about. YESSS!! Water sports, Hiking, Beaches the fun season is finally here! 

Travelling from one city to another in the car with the boozing music and warm rays. Strolling the beaches while your pup plays in the waves, hiking the scenic route with your furry friend and lot more games. Summer is the time where you make loads of memories with your pet!

Along with these adventures comes a huge responsibility of taking care of our best friend at each point and stage. You never know when you are playing around and he is in danger. Take proper care of your pup’s health. Always carry a first aid.

A First Aid Kit should contain gauze, cloth, adhesive tape, activated charcoal, hydrogen peroxide, digital thermometer, large eye dropper, your pet’s medical records, and your vet’s contact information.

Oceans and rivers may be as dangerous for your pet as they’re fun. The first step to preventing water accidents is knowing whether or not your dog could be a sensible swimmer, and perpetually observing them at the water.

Happy summer adventuring with your best furry friend!