Love to travel with your pet

by ABK Grooming

Do you know the best way for it?

Pawrents like to travel with their pets. They are so attached and in love with the pets and want to carry them wherever they go. Everyone knows how pets are treated in flights. Mostly we don’t want to prefer to take our pets in flights as they are put in some cage and god knows how they are treated there. Do they follow our instructions which we have mentioned for our pet? Are they safe? And a lot of similar questions would strike our head. If your pet is used to travel by flight, well and good but if he is not trained under those circumstances then you are always in worry. In long flights, it’s better to ask them if you could get the updates of your pet and also if you could visit them at times. Mishandling the pet while travelling will make them irritated and might also hurt themselves in some situations.

As per the observations, the most efficient way to travel with the pets in which you will even get their company is by a Car. You get along with your pet and also will create a strong bond between you and your pet. As a pawrent, you very well know their eating habits, their timings of peeing or pooping and their sleep & play time. Although, this mode of travel is time consuming but you will have the best time of your life. But if you don’t own the car it’s not at all economical. Renting the car is also a big headache as the car owners don’t want hair in their cars or else they will make any random reason once you tell them about pets. Very few of them allow to carrying the pets in their car.

Another efficient method to travel with pets is by train. Yes, by TRAIN. In India people generally don’t travel with pets in trains they prefer either car or by flight, also many of them don’t even know that you can travel with your pets in the train that too with no issues. Lot of them have it assumed already that it’s not allowed.

Travelling with the pets in trains is the most feasible as the pet gets to move around, you have washroom facilities and also there will be not much of motion sickness for the pet in train which generally happens in car. If you are a parent that doesn’t own a car than travelling by train is the most economical way. Indian railways are the huge rescue while travelling.

The rules of Indian railways are quite simple but due to lack of awareness and knowledge, there are very few people who use it to travel with their pets. Just prepare the list of all the necessary meals and medicines and also stops for toilet breaks.

Pets would love travelling on train as they could watch the world go by the window while they enjoy their treats.

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