Nervous Dog?? But need to be groomed anyways!! HOW??

by ABK Grooming

Most dogs get a little nervous when their owner takes them out of their comfort zone. It happens with us too! When we are taken to or have to go to other place for some reasons we also feel nervous at first place.

Some of them seem perfectly comfortable at the groomer, while others are noticeably nervous. Here are some tips and measures, we can offer you to help them help your nervous dog prepare for time at the groomer’s place.


Prepping the Dog

Grooming involves a lot of touching of the do. You should get your dog used to being handled by people around you. That means your dog should be exposed to more than just your hands – so when your friends come over, let them touch your dog so he or she becomes somewhat used to “strangers.”

As for specific touching, start with areas that aren’t too sensitive, like the shoulders. Then move to other areas, like paws, cheeks, ears. If you and your friends do this in a gentle and comforting way, your dog will be less nervous about being touched in general.

Pre-Groom Visit to the Spa/Groomer

Finally, consider asking your groomer if you can bring the dog there for a pre-grooming visit. Take your dog for a visit to the groomer before the grooming happens. Allow the dog to play around a bit and get familiar with the place.

Introduce him to the groomer and try to have a smiling conversation with the groomer. This will make the dog feel he is in safe hands. Reward him with treats and toys for comforting him.

Do this few times before the final day comes. This exposure to the sights and sounds of the place helps take the worry away from the dog.