Ticks Stay Away!! Fleas Fend Off!!

by ABK Grooming

Ticks and Fleas are some common insects that can come to your place with your dog. While playing or having fun or just a walk in the nearby parks can cause these ticks to attach to the coat and also infect the areas causing itching, redness and if it’s harsh then it can even make your dog bleed by biting.

Some of the dogs might survive with these ticks and fleas but it’s better to get them removed as soon as possible. These ticks and fleas if not removed at the early stage can even be the reason of dog’s infections body, hair fall, bleeding unnecessarily and itchiness. Some species will have trouble surviving and will die within a few days. Ticks & Fleas can reproduce themselves and create an indoor army of theirs.

deshedding rake for removing ticks and fleas

Here, we’re taking a look at how to prevent ticks from entering your home and how to get rid of them if they’ve already moved in.

Deep Look at Your Dog

Check your dog for ticks before you let him in the house! This is especially important if you’ve taken your dog in the park or even roaming in your own yard. Even if you think your dog is safe, it’s never a bad idea to double check.

Ticks can carry lyme disease, so even if you don’t find any on your pup, watch for symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, pain or stiffness – and get him to the vet if you see the signs.

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Tick and Flea Shampoo:

tick and flea shampoo for dogs


Sometimes, despite trying to not get them in, those little pooches still make it inside. Quickly wash the dog with the tick and flea removal shampoo. Also clean your home thoroughly to avoid their growth else they will spread everywhere.

  • Immediately take your dog for check-up if you feel he is getting itchy over and again. Also if you have other pets too who weren’t with your dog try to keep them away for a while till it’s cured else they might also get infected.
  • Comb with tick and flea comb to relieve the dog where ever he is itching. There might be some ticks.
  • Use separate comb for other pets if you are brushing them too to avoid infection.