Travelling with a Dog In the Car

by ABK Grooming

Traveling with your pet is a new kind of adventure. One that can quickly go awry if your dog gets carsick and vomits in the backseat (been there — you’re welcome) or your cat meows for ten straight hours during a move.


Taking your dog on a road trip is a great way to spice up your travels. If your dog adores human interaction, a trip will make his year.


If you’re planning on staying in a hotel with your dog, beware: some hotels have weight and breed restrictions, so read the fine print of the hotel policies carefully. For dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and beaches, Bring Fido is a great resource.


Hands down, this is the easiest form of traveling with a dog. Stopping whenever your dog needs a restroom break, or a run to let off extra energy, is no problem. Many dogs love car rides, so a road trip will be a natural extension of that.

Plus, it’s less stressful on a dog’s system than an unfamiliar, stressful plane ride. The added puppy bonus is that they get to stick their heads out the window, flap their cheeks in the wind, and smell the breeze.


Pro tip: Weeks before your trip, take your dog with you on car rides for any errands. Praise enthusiastically (or reward with treats) when he does a good job in the car. Make the association in your pet’s head that a car ride equals fun.


What all things to carry when travelling with your dog?


  • Dog-proof cover for your car seat
  • Water bowl
  • Food in plastic grocery sack: as the dog eats through his food, the bag shrinks
  • Food bowl
  • Dog bed
  • Leash
  • Harness: which makes it easier to control your dog’s excited pulling than a choke collar does
  • Water: In a gallon jug
  • Puppy potty pad for the hotel: If your dog is prone to peeing/pooping when excited or nervous