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Lockdown Grooming: Guide taking care of your pets at home!

While the entire country is in a lockdown pet parents have found themselves in a hairy situation: How to groom their pets? Since the option to go to a professional groomer is no longer on the table, we have decided to make a helpful guide for pet owners who need to groom their fluffed up pets.

Pre-bath Prep:

Some dog & cat breeds have long or double coats, and need special attention. But all dogs and cats have matting and tangling on their coats in varying levels. 

You start by dematting & detangling the coat with special grooming brushes combs for dogs and cats. Once the loose clumped up hair has been removed, it’s a good idea to trim the coat. There are specialized pet grooming scissors, trimmers & clippers, made specially for canine and feline coats types.

Dog grooming scissors


Use the grooming scissors to trim hair from hard to reach places and grooming trimmers and clippers for the rest of the body. A great clipper for home use is an Andis PM1 Pet Clipper check it out here. Or if you are having trouble deciding what other tools you need, you we have some solutions here 

Bathing Time:

Make sure bath time for pets is stress-free. Play with them a little if they're a bit high on energy. Reward them with a treat when they’ve gotten it out of their system and encourage them into the place you want to bathe them in.

It goes without saying, shampoos that humans use are not good for pets. Always use specialized shampoos for dogs and cats. There’s a huge range of dog shampoos and conditioners and also for cats you can choose from.

Drying & Finishing:

Keep as many towels as you can alongside you because animal fur soaks a lot of water. Unless the climates are warm enough, dogs and cats should be patted down with towels as soon as they’re done bathing.

dog grooming


They’ll still be wet enough to feel cold, which is when they start shivering. There are certain hand-held dryers made especially keeping pets in mind. In case you’re looking out for a pet dyer take a look at one here.

More Tips:

Here are a couple of  videos to help you with using your Andis Clippers on your pets. 


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