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 A new choice for bathing tub, with large capacity and attractive appearance. Top class fiberglass material, double layers, fully sealed tub tank, ensures great durability and reliability. Softer touch and warmer feel than regular stainless steel tubs, better care for animals.


  • Ideal tool for any professional pet grooming spa which gets the job done with great efficiency
  • Equipped with faucet and sprayer kit making the grooming session convenient and hassle-free
  • Made from premium acrylic sheet to give smooth feel to your pet’s skin and to make bathing a joyous experience
  • Drainage open/close is controlled by the black button on the backside of the tub.
  • It also could be used as a SPA tub, economic and practical.
  • Standard cold & hot faucet + sprayer kit, tie-down ring are included.


Dimensions - 47.24” L x 28.74” W x 39.37” H (120 x 73 x 100 H)

Tank Depth - 510 cm

Stand Base - 49 cm 

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