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This tub is the perfect electric lift grooming tub for your shop. It's nautical grade fiberglass offers a sleek look for your grooming salon, while offering easy lifting of your pets to help save the stress on your body that comes from lifting animals into tubs all day long. The front door lifts up to remove, allowing easy access for even the older pets that you bathe. The tub measures 60.25" X 32.7" overall. The inside basin measures 57" X 31" X 17" and is fully rounded. The loading capacity of the tub is 350lbs. This grooming tub comes equipped is predrilled holes on both the left and the right that can accommodate a 4", 6" or 8" wall mounted faucet (faucet is not included). Check out our faucet set as an addition to your order. Included with your tub is a multi-layer drain with an inline hair basket, a flexible drain hose, four leveling feet to create a level work space, two suction cup leads to place along the back of your tub and two floor panels to help raise the animals you are grooming out of the dirty water.


  • Nautical grade fiberglass (the same material and thickness as used in yacht construction), makes this product a top-quality tub. This tub will provide you with years of reliable service.
  • Designed in Italy, the pleasing shape, large size and soothing off white color make this an excellent choice for all bathing situations.
  • The sturdy base and electric lift system easily support more than 260lbs. The tub lowers to within 14" of the ground, making it a stroll for large breeds and older dogs to enter and depart the tub.
  • It raises to 42".
  • The huge size easily can accommodate the largest of breeds.
  • Great Danes and Mastiffs not only stand comfortably but can turn around.
  • A silicon anti-slip mat, stainless steel drain and hair strainer, flexible hose, overhead restraint bar, steel ropes are equipped standard.


  • Interior Measurement: 57" L x31" W x17" H

  • Height Adjustment Range: 12”-48”

  • Overall Measurement: 60.25"x32.7"

  • Accommodates a 4", 6" or 8" wall mounted faucet 

  • Range of motion is a low of just under 12” to a high of almost 48”.

  • 350 pounds loading capacity.

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