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This Professional Spa Tub offers unprecedented luxury and therapeutic experiences to the pet grooming industry. Patent pending technology generates billions of minuscule bubbles between 20 -40μm, immediately changing pure water into a creamy milky white liquid that soothes and caresses the skin and coat and give the dog in a bathtub an ultimate pleasure. The tiny bubbles carry negative ions that attach to dirt particles, lift them to the surface off the dog’s skin and out of their coats. When dirt is saturated with microbubbles, the particles will float up to water surface.

The best part is you don't need any shampoo to clean the pet's undercoat, the bubbles do all the work. There have been many cases where the effects on severe skin diseases, rashes, and irritated conditions have been dramatically and positively altered and improved.

 Features -

  • When cleaning and conditioning solutions are implemented, the effect is even more pronounced, resulting in better moisturizing, cleaning and smoothing treatment.
  • First micro bubble SPA dog bathtub that has high-density Ozone in the bubbles.
  • When air is absorbed into the water, the Ozone level is capable of reaching 14% -15% saturation, this aids in treating numerous skin issues and irritations problems.
  • Can be connected to an Oxygen tank to get 100% pure Ozone infused into the water.
  • The therapeutic effects result is fantastic skin and great looking and feeling coat.
  • Two countdown timers, one for SPA treatment and the other for Ozone function.
  • The Ozone can also be switched on and turned off automatically, for maintaining daily sterilization conditions.

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