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The Andis Blade Care Plus washes away hair, buildup and preservatives that accumulate on clipper blades. Within 10 seconds, Blade Care Plus leaves blades clean, lubricated and cool for optimal performance. This blade care plus is specially formulated for groomers and veterinarians to work as a coolant, deodorizer, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventive, decontaminate and source of Vitamin E For use with clippers and trimmers.

BEST FOR: Maintaining your Andis clippers and trimmers.


  • Washes away hair, build up, preservatives and bacteria that accumulate on clipper blades
  • Easy and effective Seven-in-One product is Vitamin E enriched and works as a coolant, deodorizer, cleaner, lubricant, rust preventative and decontaminate.
  • Works fast – leaves blades clean, lubricated and cool for optimal performance within 10 seconds
  • Formulated for use by hair stylists, barbers, animal groomers and veterinarians
  • Leaves a light lubricating film on blades that reduces friction, smoothes clipping action and prolongs blade life

Product Specifications

  • Weight : 453 gm.
  • Length : 9.00 in.
  • Capacity : 473 ml 

Packaging Specifications

  • Packaging Type : Bottle

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