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BEST FOR: Maintaining your Andis clippers and trimmers.


  • Washes away hair, build up, preservatives and bacteria that accumulate on clipper blades
  • Easy and effective Seven-in-One product is Vitamin E enriched and works as a coolant, deodorizer, cleaner, lubricant, rust preventative and decontaminate.
  • Works fast – leaves blades clean, lubricated and cool for optimal performance within 10 seconds
  • Formulated for use by hair stylists, barbers, animal groomers and veterinarians
  • Leaves a light lubricating film on blades that reduces friction, smoothes clipping action and prolongs blade life


  • Weight: 453 gm.
  • Length: 9.00 in.
  • Capacity: 473 ml 


  • Packaging Type: Bottle

Product Code: 12590

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