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Andis Blade Oil for Pet Grooming Clippers is specially formulated to clean and lubricate the blade to reduce wear and extend blade life. 

USE: Always apply with the blade facing downwards. Apply two drops on the corners of the teeth and a drop on the inside where the mobile leaf meets the fixed. Use a paper to remove excess oil by gently tapping the hand.

TIP: Applying oil to the blade every time you use it extends the blade's useful life 4 times longer.

BEST FOR: Maintaining your Andis clippers and trimmers.


  • Andis Clipper Oil is formulated to be colorless and odorless.
  • Use multiple times daily to maximize the performance of your clippers and trimmers.
  • Also works on Oster® and Wahl® blades.
  • Andis Clipper Oil is great for your shears too! Our 4-oz. a bottle is resealable to prevent unwanted spills.
  • Use to lubricate and clean blades.
  • Brush hair from the blades, add a few drops and wipe away excess oil with clean cloth.

Product Specification

  • Weight: 113 gm
  • Length: 4.88 inch
  • Capacity: 118 ml

Packaging Specification 

  • Packaging Type: Remailer

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