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Cutting through the thickest of coats has never been so effortless. The New MC-670 boasts a slim and lightweight mainframe which fits any sized hands comfortably. Heavy duty 12V motor built-in, born for toughest coats!

Safety Caution

Keep the clipper away from moisture; do not submerge in water or liquid.

1. Use this appliance for its intended purpose. Use only on clean, dry hair.

2. Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is by or near children.

3. Use only with accessories included in the package, or those recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Avoid contact with the eye area. Avoid use near or on open wounds, damaged or sensitive skin.

5. Always unplug from the electrical socket after use.

6. Keep away from water and all liquids and any detergent agents.

7. Use or store the trimmer only at room temperature(between 0 and 40℃). Avoid direct sunlight, moisture or heated surfaces and environments.


  • Incredibly easy to use and low maintenance. Great for both professional and home grooming at an attractive price.
  • Includes: One 10" Detachable Blade, 4 Attachment Combs leaving hair length from 3 to 12 mm, Clipper Oil and Blade brush.  
  • Comb attachment - 1. The cutting length is marked on the comb attachments. 2. Select a suitable size and slide the blade into the comb attachment. Hold both sides of the comb and push until the comb is in position. (Notes: The comb should not be loose or easy to fall off after installation.)


  • Voltage In: 240V/50-60 Hz
  • Motor: 12V DC
  • Construction: Premium Polymer Plastic


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