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Trixie baggy belt hip bag has various compartments that allow separate storage. It has a small and stable pocket to keep your necessities. It's easy to clean and looks stylish to be used for other purposes. It has 3 compartments to keep your snack organized. Provides peace of mind that all your valuables are safe during travel.

Features - 

  • Spacious Bag- Baggy belt hip bag has one large pocket for treats, plus a smaller pocket for wallet and a mobile phone pouch.
  • It's ideal for keeping toys and treats for your dog- The baggy bag hip bag has one large pocket that's perfect for keeping toys or treats.
  • It can be used for a long journey- A baggy belt hip bag is ideal for long journeys, it comes with velcro and zips so your belongings stay safe.
  • It has a D- ring- Now you won't lose your keys within that giant purse of yours. This bag has a D- ring for attaching keys and making sure you won't lose them.
  • Hard-wearing nylon- Baggy belt hip bag is made of hard-wearing nylon, it's durable and known for its resistance to tearing. It's also easy to clean.

Dimension - 

24-49 inch

                     62-125 cm

                    Stomach Circum - 62–125 cm

Color - Black/Grey

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