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The Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner is ideal for daily use in the professional grooming salon or groomers and handlers competing. The signature fragrance and ultra-hydrating formula assists in promoting healthy coat growth, enhancing natural shine, assisting in the removal of dead undercoat, and soothing dry itchy skin. The Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner is formulated for professional use on both dogs and cats and contains grape seed oil and oat extract to moisturize and soothe the skin and coat while providing shine and softness. The unique properties of this conditioner make it easier to rinse and allow for faster drying of the coat. This is a professional product designed by groomers for groomers and is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats.


  • It contains Grape Seed Oil that helps coat renewal, hydrates, and reduces hair loss, resulting in softness and emollient.
  • Provides enhanced shine and softness
  • Made with Oatmeal Extract and Grape Seed Oil
  • It has easy to rinse formula
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds


  • Grape seed oil is a key ingredient in the conditioner to keep your dog’s coat hydrated
  • A flaky, itchy scalp is a serious hair woe, but using this conditioner regularly can help reduce the itchiness.
  • It also provides strength, and shine to a dog’s hair
  • The oatmeal extracts revitalized the damaged hair beings natural shine and keep them hydrated


  • Professional–grade shampoo designed for professional quality results
  • Infused with Salon–Grade Ingredients for a luxurious grooming experience for Pets and professional


Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Glycerin, Grapeseed Oil, Oat (avena) sativa Seed Extract, Preservatives, and Fragrance.


 1 Step: use Odour Neutralizing Shampoo to pre-wash (10:1 dilution); optional use of Extra Soft Facial for face hygiene (ready for use)

 2 Step: use the most appropriate Hydra Shampoo (10:1)

 3 Step: use the Moisturizing Conditioner (10:1 dilution)


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