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Ladybird Line Rhinestone Groomer jackets are perfect for pet groomers. These jackets are light in weight, Waterproof, Hair repellent, Bleach-proof, back belt flexible, Round collar, Rhinestone Zipper, Two side pockets. Machine wash or you can wash separately wash with a gentle detergent in a washing container, hang to dry.

Comfortable And Functional:
These jackets were designed with comfort in mind, without losing their purpose, coming with a rounded collar and being made from a lightweight, black, water resistant, bleach resistant content. Two side pockets, an adjustable back belt and a stylish rhinestone zipper are also included.

Daily Essential:
These jackets are made of a thin, black, high-quality polyester fabric and are suitable for everyday use. They are hair repellent, resistant to acid, resistant to chlorine, and very durable, chemical proof. They also have large pockets for comfortable packing with bottom zippers and a seamless front zipper for quick wearing over clothes.

Functionally Design:
Waterproof, chlorine resistant, hair repellent, chemical proof material, these jackets make them a favorite for everyday use while keeping you warm. Their exclusive mesh back design and dog design print means your outfit is guaranteed to stand out and when dealing with consumers, you still look your best.

• Ideal for Pet groomers
• Light weight
• Water repellent
• Hair resistant
• Bleach resistant
• Adjustable back belt
• Round neck
• Two side pockets
• Iron safe
Product Specification:
Code Colour Code Size
460-BK-XS Black X-Small
460-BK-S Black Small
460-BK-M Black Medium
460-BK-L Black Large
460-BK-XL Black X-Large


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