Bio-Groom Econo Groom Tearless Shampoo 16 to 1 Concentrated

Rs. 7,750.00
  • Bio-Groom

Bio-Groom Econo Groom Tearless Shampoo 16 to 1 Concentrated

Rs. 7,750.00

This Bio-Groom Econo-Groom Shampoo is a super-concentrated, professional tearless pet shampoo. This dog and other pet grooming shampoo contains lanolin to condition coats as it cleans. Biodegradable formula leaves a fresh fragrance. Suitable for use on dogs and cats. One gallon makes 16 gallons of rich, foamy, mild shampoo. This is free of Parabens, colors and artificial thickeners.


  • Gentle, pH-balanced
  • Contains lanolin to condition coat and skin
  • Biodegradable formula rinses out in seconds
  • Leaves a fresh fragrance which makes it one of the best dog shampoo for odor.
  • Safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments.
  • Best Puppy Shampoo. Recommended by top breeders and professional groomers worldwide.


  • Dilutes 16:1
  • Safe for use on dogs and cats
  • Cruelty Free
  • Soap Free.
  • Gives body and lustre to the coat.
  • Moisturizes and conditions the skin.
  • Composition: Cleaners derived from coconut oil, a biodegradable and regrowable source. Conditioners derived from lanolin and hydrolyzed protein.


  • Wet coat thoroughly with warm water
  • Apply an adequate amount of diluted shampoo and work well through the coat
  • Rinse with warm water and dry
  • Repeat if additional conditioning is desired
  • Measures 12-inch length by 6-inch width by 6-inch height.

Product Code: 21028

Storage Tip: At or below 11º c (52º F), Econo-Groom will become creamy white in appearance. Will return to original appearance when warmed to or above room temperature.