Competitor Check-In Station

Contestants must bring competition dogs to IJA check-in station to confirm registration and receive table assignment before each class start.

  • IJA opens check-in station 60 minutes before the competition begins.
  • Contestants must complete all check-in procedures before entering contest ring.
  • Contestants will be assigned a table after completion of check-in procedures.
  • IJA closes check-in station 15 minutes before the competition begins.
  • Contestants must complete check in 15 minutes prior to the start of the competition.
  • Competitors not checked in within the required time frame cannot compete.
Qualification of the Competition Dog

The following information must be confirmed to qualify competition dog during prejudge time frame. Competition dog:

  • Must be competition dog age

    • Mature enough but young enough to enjoy a competition
    • Suggested age approximately (1) one year to (10) ten years.
    • The responsibility of the competitor to determine if a dog is healthy enough.
  • If found during check-in or during a competition, an age of the dog is affecting the safety of the dog, a judging panel will notify the competitor to discontinue competition.
  • Must be in compliance with applicable vaccinations for city, state or country hosting competition.
  • Must show no signs of obvious pregnancy or nursing.
  • Must appear healthy, free of infectious diseases and parasites.
  • Must be physically able to stand on grooming table for competition time frame and judging.
  • Must show no signs of aggression or viciousness.
  • Must be on safety lead or safety loop when not in a crate.
  • Must be under control and may not be left unattended while on the grooming table.
  • Must be properly crated and cared for, with food and water, when left in a secure holding area, hotel room or other accommodations.