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Pet Styling Foundation Course

Pet Styling Foundation Course

 Unlock your potential with our upcoming grooming foundation course!
Gain essential skills and knowledge to kickstart your journey towards success on styling. Our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way, helping you to build a solid foundation for your future endeavors in pet grooming. Join us now and take the first step towards achieving your goals!

Course Details

Get hands-on experience and in depth knowledge about grooming. This will be a 6 day course where you will have the opportunity to be mentored by Janhavi Dhuldhoya, who is an Internationally Certified Master Groomer and an avid pet lover. Below are the topics that will be covered during the course.


Different breed types, coat types etc. General overview and insights into pet grooming.Scope of pet grooming as a career Basic overview about the topics that will be covered and the tools and equipment that will be used.


Importance of brushing.The right brushing tools How to brush the dog 


Significance of combing the dog on a regular basis Using the right combing tool


Why bathing is an important part of the pet’s health and hygiene. The right shampoo and conditioners for pet How to dilute the shampoo / conditioners Application of the same on the pet etc.

Blow Dry

Blow drying for different coat types Equipment used and directions of using the same 

Ear Clean -up

An overview on the importance of ear cleaning.Directions of use Products used

 Nail Clipping

Trimming and clipping of nails How to trim a white and a black nail Importance of nail clipping Tools and equipment used for the same.

For registration, please visit the below link: