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Who is ABK?

Who is ABK?

Who We Are

Pets have always been man's best friend and that love for pets has grown multifold in the past decade in India. They gradually became a member of the family and humanization of pets created demand for all sorts of pet supplies. Back then the availability of pet supplies was limited in all terms. Here is when ‘ABK Imports’ was incorporated in 2010 with the clear vision; “Putting Pets At The Center Of Everything We Do”. Since then ABK as a team constantly looked for new opportunities to make the lives of pets and pet parents more comfortable. Be it dogs, cats, birds, hamsters or guinea pigs. ABK has solutions for all of them, with more than 3,000 products under one umbrella. 

The Initials ‘ABK’ in the ABK Imports stand for the three strong pillars of the company. Brothers Mr. Anand Pittie, Mr Bharat Pittie and Mr. Kushal Pittie. It all began with the idea of bridging the gap between the pets and their parents by offering products which would enhance the life of every pet and the rest in history. ABK has given priority to safety of the pets hence we import pet products of top - notch brands in industry.When it comes to pets we believe quality is first and foremost. Pet groomers and veterinarians across India are also empowered through our high quality imported grooming products and vet equipment.

ABK Grooming :

ABK Grooming started with the concept of catering to pet care professionals who work on the frontlines in the pet industry. From professional groomers to veterinarians, and from kennels to pet clinics and also pet parents. It’s an online platform available for everyone to purchase pet grooming essentials conveniently.

ABK Imports didn’t stop here but believed in providing a platform for pet professionals and education for pet grooming enthusiasts. It led to the rise of India’s biggest dog grooming show, “India Grooming Show”. India Grooming Show is the biggest national platform for pet groomers to get recognition and win bumper prizes through participating in the dog grooming competition. It also provides opportunities to pet groomers and professionals to interact and exhibit with the international or national dog grooming experts. With the intention of promoting the art of pet grooming and fundamental wellness of pets, India Grooming Show conducts seminars focusing on various areas of pet grooming skills and spreading general awareness about wellness of pets. It has also covered intricate topics like Effective Client Communications, From Salon to Spa and other such core subjects depending on the respective speakers. In the show we also showcase our exclusive products and offer insider deals and discounts on them. It was a long journey for ABK from 2010 to 2022, almost 12 years and in those 12 years ABK has been cumulatively developing each day becoming better than the yesterday. Beginning with a sole small office with few employees to a corporate office and amenities with more than 150 employees.

While coming to the products, we began with as few as 300 pet products and now expanded three times more with 3000 pet products. We not only cater pet products to our over 5,000 customers but also provide post sales, servicing and repairs for a few of our products from the pet grooming section. We have also tied up with all the leading logistic partners for safer, quick and effective deliveries. As we say we care for pets, we do so, we wholeheartedly donate dog and cat related products to the RESQ Charitable Trust, Pune. And last but not least ABK also cares for their team members. We have always been striving to maintain a work friendly culture for our employees. Conducting various fun activities to maintain the work and life balance, inbound as well as outbound. Organizing personal and work development seminars and workshops for employees' all - inclusive progress. 

India’s pet grooming industry is surely going to rise and assuredly the future will be the evidence of ABK Imports spreading its wings, wide in the various realms of the pet industry.