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Important Information

• Do not install the flap below the door handle.
• Lock the flap carefully if you are away for a longer time and place heavy objects against it if necessary to avoid intruders entering your home.
• In case of doubt, consult your insurance company about which safety measures you need to take to prevent forfeit of your coverage in case of a break-in before installing the flap.

Warranty: TRIXIE grants a 3 year limited warranty for this product, in case of any faults which could be due to faulty materials or defective production. Faulty products will be replaced at TRIXIE’s discretion, providing that the fault has not been caused by carelessness, misuse, or
normal wear and tear. The warranty period starts with the purchase of the product and must be accompanied by the receipt.

Features -


  • transparent flap, silent action
  • with 360° circumferential seal (TPR)
  • with turn-lock fastener
  • minimum installation depth 5 mm
  • total measurements 20 × 22 cm
  • cut out size 15.9 × 16.8 cm
  • flap size 14 × 15.5 cm
  • 3 years guarantee
  • Material - plastic

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