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Andis 2 Speed AGC Clipper : 

Andis 2 Speed AGC Clipper is effective and essential to use. It has 2 speed motor clipper, 3,400/4,400 stroke per min. It's for heavy duty use with the feature including 3 ft power cord.

Andis Ultraedge Detachable Blade, Size 10  : 

Andis Ultraedge Detachable Blade has carbonized steel that extends edge life. It has a chrome finish and resist rust. This blade leaves hair 1/16" (1.5). It's carbonized steel extends the edge life of the blade.

Combo : 

Andis 2 Speed AGC Clipper has two motor speed, motor clipper which gives 3,400/4,400 stroke per min. Andis UltraEdge Detachable size 10 is a replacement blade and it's made of carbonized steel which extends the edge life.

Product Code : C1119

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