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Andis PM-1 Pet Clipper 12 piece kit -

Andis PM-1  Pet Clipper 12 piece kit is strong, long lasting, magnetic motor clipper with adjustable blade. It's a versatile stainless steel blade that doesn't rust. Blade adjusts immediately from a fine cut to a longer, sturdy cut.

Andis PM-1 Adjustable Blade :   

It's Stainless steel blade resist rust. It fits oster A5 and Wahl KM Series.

Combo : 

Andis 12 Piece Adjustable Blade Pet Clipper Kit is a versatile stainless steel blade that won't rust. It's long lasting with magnetic motor clipper.  Andis PM-1 Adjustable Blade is the replacement blade for the clipper. it's material is stain steel blade that will last you a long time.

Product Up : C1118

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