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The Artero shirt is short-sleeved, designed for dog groomers and veterinary clinic professionals. It is made from a special fabric that prevents hair from sticking to clothing. The Artero Niza Poodle Smock is Pink/ Turquoise color. Easy to look after, the Artero work shirt does not wrinkle and is quick drying.


  • Specially designed with groomers in mind.
  • The 100% Polyester material ensures that hair will not stick, but slide right off of the smock.
  • Extremely durable, yet comfortable and light to wear.
  • All pockets have flaps to avoid the build up of hair within, as well to protect from tears by a paw!
  • Washes perfectly in cold water, maximum temperature 30 degree Celsius. Can be washed with bleached.
  • No need to iron, lay flat or hang to dry.
  • Color - Pink/Turquoise

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