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Bags On Board Fabric Dog Waste Pick-Up Bag Dispenser makes picking up after your dog easy and convenient and keeps your entourage in style. Its lightweight and soft dog poop bag dispenser holds 14 large dog poop bags; when it's time to refill, simply open the fastening flap and reload. Attaches to any standard or retractable leash, so you'll always have a poop bag when you need it. Made with a soft, durable fabric that's easy to clean and maintain—machine washable (machine wash tested 25 times).

How to use - Your Bags on Board dispenser comes with a roll of bags inside. To use, remove roll. After removing the tape, place roll back into the dispenser and feed the first bag through the slot. Simply pull out a single bag from the side of the package. Place your hand inside the bag and pick up the waste. Then invert the bag, inside out, and tie. Dispose of the used bag properly. When the last bag has been used, remove the empty bag spool. Refill with a new roll of bags and you’re ready to go!

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