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The Challengair® Airmax™ is designed to provide long, reliable service and will retain its beauty much longer than metal dryers. The Challengair® Airmax™ is less expensive than comparable dryers, offering you better value The dryer features two motors for twice the speed! A high-velocity forced-air two motor dryer dramatically reduces drying time. 2-Speed and variable speed models are available. Comes with a 6’ hose, Airgonomic nozzle, and three Airgonomic nozzle tips. The dryer has greater effectiveness, air volume, velocity, versatility, and value with less noise than any product in its category. Hermetically isolated switches and electronics are protected from contaminants, while the dual air inlet filtration system protects the motors and other components. The Challengair Airmax produces warm, high-velocity air under pressure to make your grooming tasks easier. Powered by two brush-type motors, it is available in two-speed and variable-speed versions. If air volume and temperature are essential, one motor can supercharge the other, or the two can be used together. Even the thickest undercoats are able to be penetrated by high-velocity air thanks to the powerful motors.


  • The Challengair® Airmax™ produces warm, high-velocity air under pressure to make your animal grooming tasks easier.
  • The Challengair® Airmax™ has two brush-type motors and comes in two-speed or variable speed models. One motor supercharges the other, or use just one for air volume and temperature versatility. The powerful motors reduce drying time as high-velocity air penetrates even the thickest undercoats.
  •  The Challengair® Airmax™ produces heat by a “flow-thru” motor system that warms the air as it cools the motors for optimum effectiveness and energy savings. The noise deadening, high impact, service-friendly “clamshell” housing is made of moulded silicone with sound isolating motor mounts. This results in exceptional quietness. The housing is virtually indestructible and will not rust, dent, or crack. Includes convenient “twist on” hose with Double K’s Airgonomic Nozzle System: nozzle and nozzle tips designed for easy switching and cool-to-the-touch design. The unique Airgonomic “air sweep nozzle” is designed to blow water off animals’ coats in sheets.
  •  The Challengair® Airmax™ has dual air filtration that protects motors and shops’ air quality. Hoses are crushproof and heat resistant.
  •  The variable speed model with its solid-state variable speed control allows versatile temperature, volume, and velocity adjustments. The Challengair® Airmax™ two-speed model has two temperatures.
  • Two Powerful Motors – 123 cubic feet per minute per motor = 246 cubic feet per minute total. The Challengair® Airmax™ dryer produces more air due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining, reducing resistance as air moves through the hose, thereby increasing air volume (and velocity).


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Versatile for groomers and pet owners         
  • Available variable speeds allow reduce drying time and adjusting temperature and airflow.
  • Quite due to innovative housing and motor design
  • Equipped with two powerful motors and includes a 6-foot crush-proof hose
  • New Airgonomic Nozzle system


  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Max power: 21855 W
  • Speed Control: 2 Speed
  • Hose length: 6 ft
  • Net weight: 8 kg
  • Dimension: 21” L X 11” W C 13” H
  • Warranty - 2 Years Limited Warranty 

Kit includes:

  • 1 Cone Nozzle
  • 1 Round Nozzle
  • 1 Flat Nozzle

How to care:

  • Step 1 – Unplug the dryer, and take out the cap and filter which are located at the rear exterior of the dryer. Use a vacuum cleaner or a big brush to clean the cap and foam filter. You may find the cap and filter accumulated with animal dander, debris, and hair all over it. It has to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Step 2 – Later take the foam filter, scrub and clean it nicely so that the bacteria and odour are gone. Allow it to dry off and fix everything as it is.

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