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Compartment Dryer is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats, especially older and nervous animals. When on, this dog grooming dryer is amazingly quiet, virtually vibration-free. It appeases the most sensitive animals. High air volume, helps to remove and dry water from under the coat. The dog drying machine has a solid state control switch operates airflow and temperature. ABK Grooming provides two powerful motors which generate a huge volume (2,700 cubic feet per minute) of air, enough to dry up a thick coated golden retriever in about 25 minutes.


  • Specialized PTC heating element keeps the temperature safe and steady from 35℃ (95F) to 50℃ (122F)
  • Efficient and reliable air exchange system makes sure the humidity is low and enough fresh air circulates for the dogs comfort
  • Stainless Steel faceplate and grill are durable and easy to clean and keep sterile
  • Ozone function removes odor from the environment and refreshes the air inside the compartment. (Warning: Ozone should never be used when there is a dog inside the dryer)
  • Ease of operation makes this an incredibly valuable and time-saving machine


  • Dimensions: inner size 106 × 65 × 105 cm
  • Voltage - 110-130v/220-250v
  • Power - 2800W
  • Air velocity - 25m/s to 65m/s
  • Working temperature - 30 to 50°C

 Product Code: TD-907L

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