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Let your feline friend enjoy hours of chilling, relaxing and fun with Easy Life Hammock Cat Toy. Featuring a unique “X” design that easy to assemble and fold away, so you won’t spend hours trying to put it together. Made with extra-thick corrugate panels to support your cat as she rests and relaxes more. The soothing design can be used to curl up on or stretch and scratch, plus it includes catnip that will attract her and keep her focused on her toy rather than your furniture. Great for cats of all ages, so no matter if she’s a kitten or older cat, your pal will have loads of fun and chill for long hours.


  • X” design folds away when not in use
  • Can be used to curl up on or stretch and scratch
  • Sturdy corrugate supports kitty as they rest
  • Includes catnip to attract and keep kitty’s interest
  • Toys for play
  • Made from durable corrugated material
  • Includes high quality imported catnip
  • Non toxic
  • Keeps nails healthy and clean
  • Dimension - 54 L x 35 W x 8 H cm

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