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5 N’ 1 Spray helps work through coarse, wiry hair that is matted or knotted. It reinforces coat health, strengthens while reducing breakage, and adds shine and luster.

Groomers Goop De-tangling Spray 5'N 1 Texture, De-tangles, Adds a Fresh Scent, Increases Hair Shine and Strengthens Coat Health.
Specially designed for use when brushing a thick coat to reduce the discomfort of pets and provide a pain-free experience.
In combination with the shampoo wipes, pet owners can have a waterless bath.

The Groomer Goop formula is safe for all breeds and gentle enough for puppies and kittens.


  • 5 in 1 for cats and dogs

  • De-tangling for dog, puppy, cat and kitten

  • Texturing

  • Air Freshener

  • Shiny fur

  • Strengthens the health of the fur

How to use?

Spray on tangled fur and brush out. Combine with shampoo wipes for a completely rinse-free bath.


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