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ABK Grooming introduces a NEW PRODUCT for the groomers! Infrared Therapy Cabinet Dryer – For small Animal is a revolutionary product!

Groomers just need to put pets in and press some buttons to start drying. When this pet is being dried in this dog drying machine, groomers can turn for another drying. 
Cabinet drying brings groomers a totally new drying style. No tables, no blowers, no noise, no hot air, no close touch and scratch, no pets out of control, no floc and hair everywhere.

What you need to do is just to open, put, close, press, open and take out. This Dog grooming dryer requires less labor and expense, more customers to serve.
Especially good for sensitive species like a cat, avoiding scratching accidents significantly.


  • Super Efficiency: TD-907T saves labor, expense and time. The enclosed circulation of heated air makes a fast and energy-saving drying. When one pet is being dried in the cabinet, groomers can start drying another. Much greater efficiency will thus be achieved.
  • Safe Grooming: Many cat/dog scratch accidents happen during the drying process. These potential dangers are eliminated by TD-907T. The vent holes at the bottom of the door ensure pets’ refreshed breath. Anti-overheating system will shut down the machine when the temperature is detected over 40℃.
  • Near Infrared Treatment: The Infrared Therapy stimulates animal body recirculation, helps raise tissue cell vitality, reduces granulation edema, improve partial tissue nutrition and promotes recovery greatly.
  • Negative ion Therapy: TD-907T will dispense hot air with highly-concentrated negative ions to make the coat smoother, more moisturized and easier to comb and brush. Negative ions can also purify the air in the cabinet.


  • Voltage - 110V~240V (alternating voltage) 50~60HZ
  • Power - 2800W
  • Air velocity - 25m/s to 65m/s
  • Working temperature - 20 to 60°C
  • Noise - ≤65dB

Product Code: TD-907T

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