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The Aeolus FT-899 accordion electric lift table is an extremely stable and sturdy table that has an exceptionally broad lifting range from a low 12” to a height of 50”. The load capacity of this grooming table is 200lbs.

This table harnesses its lifting power from a LINAK linear actuator. LINAK is known for its durability, longevity of life and smooth lifting power. They are the same company that most hospital beds get their lifting power from. This creates an electric, hydraulic lift that will not jostle or scare the animal that you are grooming.

With the longevity of use in mind, we have designed this grooming table with water resistant pedals, making this grooming table ease to raise and lower no matter how full your hands are.

Your grooming table will rest on four leveling feet. These feet can be easily adjusted to provide a stable work space. Just a quick turn or two will adjust the grooming table to be level even if the floor is at a slant.

As an added advantage, the tabletop of the Aeolus FT-899 grooming table is removable. This allows for an easy clean up after a long day of grooming cats and dogs. This table is equipped with a welded grooming arm slot along the table top frame, ensuring that grooming arms are firmly planted in place. A sturdy overhead grooming arm is included with your purchase of the FT-899 accordion style grooming table.


  • Extremely stable and sturdy, this table has an exceptionally broad lifting range, from a low of 10" to high of 48". It has a huge load capacity of 280lbs.
  • Removable table top, could be cleaned and refreshed easily. Welded grooming arm clamps fixed on both ends of top frame ensures the arms are firmly planted in place. Overhead grooming arms included.
  • Ultra-low initial height
  • Smooth lifting motion
  • Stable at the maximum height
  • Water-resistant up-down Foot Pedal
  • Overhead grooming arm and adjustable leveler feet included

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