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Forbis mild olive shampoo refreshes the skin with natural high-quality aloe. It also nourishes the skin with all the nutrients. The product consists of non-irritating ingredient made from olive and coconut oil that suits sensitive skin. It helps to preserve shine with a rich hydrating feature and to create a skin coating for soft skin. After drying, the active component helps preserve smooth hair. It's a gentle shampoo that thoroughly cleanses the skin and hair, leaving the coat clean, shiny and free of odor. It is a mild shampoo that is ideal for young animals skin and coat.


  • Quantity: 750ml.
  • Aloe Vera and heat-active ingredients, gives freshness from natural aloe vera, for the skin safety of your pet
  • Usage of natural organic products such as olive oil, for gentle washing, it takes care of pet's sensitive skin
  • It is the mild shampoo, prevents from fur intrusion and protects them, if there's any issues ask a specialist for advice.
  • Age= For dogs of 4 weeks to 28 weeks


Aloe vera, Cocunut oil

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