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Product Description:

  • Opawz Color Paste is an instantly saturated, non-toxic, temporary and safe colour for your pets. Comes out with around 1-2 washes.
  • Great for highlights and detailed design work. Perfect for experimenting funky strands on your pets, especially on light coats. Recommended to use White Pet Hair Chalk before applying the colour paste on any dark coats. You can also mix the colours according to your preference for multi-coloured look


    Code Colour Code Capacity Price
    O-94091 Purple 50 gms 514 Rs.
    O-94087 Yellow 50 gms 514 Rs.
    O-94086 Orange 50 gms 514 Rs.
    O-94088 Green 50 gms 514 Rs.
    O-94090 Pink 50 gms 514 Rs.
    O-94089 Blue 50 gms 514 Rs.
    O-94093 Black 50 gms 514 Rs.



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