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Opawz, USAProduct Description:

  • OPAWZ ultra-fine, lightweight glitter powder for creative grooming. Radiates reflection of light when applied on pet bodies.
  • Gives better and intense look when applied with OPAWZ Grooming Spray, giving your pet a shiny and gorgeous look.
  • OPAWZ pet glitter powder is versatile and extremely brilliant for any pet party or creative grooming competition.
    Code Colour Code Capacity Price
    O-94157 Green 7 gms 209 Rs.
    O-94158 Silver 7 gms 209 Rs.
    O-94159 Gold 7 gms 209 Rs.
    O-94160 Red 7 gms 209 Rs.
    O-94161 Blue 7 gms 209 Rs.
    O-94162 Violet 7 gms 209 Rs.
    O-17498 Fluorescent Yellow 7 gms 209 Rs.
    O-17499 Pink 7 gms 209 Rs.



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