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Product Description:

  • OPAWZ Pet Hair Chalk does not harm the coat of your pet in
    any way.
  • Adheres well on both dark and light colour coats giving a
    bright and vibrant coloured look.
  • Recommended to use OPAWZ Grooming Spray before using
    pet hair chalk for long-lasting colour.
  • Available in 11 colours: Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Black,
    White, Brown, Yellow, Red, and Grey.

Directions to Use

  • To be applied directly on pet’s coat.
  • Repeated applications shows catchier results.
  • Avoid using around eyes and mouth.
  • Discontinue use immediately in case of an allergic reaction
    and consult the veterinarian immediately.
Code Colour Code Capacity Price
O-00218 Pink 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-00223 Blue 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-00220 Orange 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-00222 Purple 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-00221 Green 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-94095 Black 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-94096 White 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-00219 Yellow 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-94122 Red 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-94138 Brown 4 gms 492 Rs.
O-94167 Grey 4 gms 492 Rs.


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