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This product belongs to the Trixie brand known for outstanding design, exceptional product quality, and affordable prices. We believe in delivering more, for less!

Pull the poop waster bag out of the opening and snap one-off from the poop waste bag holder when your dog does his business. Let's go for a free walk and never step on doggie poop anymore. When traveling or walking, take this waste bag holder, take away garbage, and have a better living space.


Versatile bag dispenser design -

Our standing dispenser mounted with a locking design gives you allows you to either tear off a roll or pick an individual pull bag for cleanup while simultaneously stores a total of 4 rolls of 20 bags. Don’t worry about refilling for a long time!

Fits everywhere -

Use anywhere residential community, park, house back yard, RV parks/campsites, vet clinic, dog-friendly hotels/resorts, animal shelter, pet grooming salons use as you want wherever you please!


 4 Rolls of 20 bags

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