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If a puppy comes into your home, you will need special equipment for the little pet. One of the most important requirements for a harmonious co-existence with a puppy is house training it. For this training, you need a place where your dog is allowed to pee and poo and that you can reach almost instantly.

This can be a garden or the grass verge outside your door. If nothing of the kind is available, you can use a puppy toilet in your home. The basic rule is: Take your puppy thereafter sleeping, feeding, and playing, and wait patiently until it has relieved itself. Do not forget to praise the little guy for this. That way, your puppy learns in a much better way than if you punish it for peeing or pooing in places where this is not wanted.

Extra hygiene products help to house-train the little one. Trixie Toilet Training Tray will keep your floors safe while you’re potty training a new pet! The folding frame provides a secure hold for a hygiene pad even in extreme conditions. Non-skid rubber feet protect the floor from scratches and hold the tray in place.


  • For house-training
  • The folding frame provides a secure hold for hygiene pad even in extreme conditions
  • Non-slip due to rubber feet


Dimension  :  49 × 41 cm/65 × 55 cm

colour : Cream

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