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Roseline is a German based company. It manufactures premium quality stainless steel scissors. Each scissor has been designed to catch and hold hair whilst scissoring. Roseline shears are durable, versatile, micro-serrated and resilient.


  • Roseline Curved Shears, 7.5” is extremely sharp.
  • Designed for shaping and finishing work.
  • It is meant for flexibility, making them ideal for setting angulations and shaping corners.
  • It has an adjustable screw removable finger rest with insertable soft cushioned finger rings in a satin finish.
  • Mounted with finger hooks and inner rings.
  • Makes great scissors for poodle and bichon heads or where a curve is required.


  • Stainless steel
  • Satin
  • Micro-serrated on one side 
  • Cutting edge polished on one side 
  • Adjustable slotted screw
  • Made in Solingen Germany.
  • All shears are handmade in Germany to provide the highest quality and smoothest operation.
  • All blades are finely ground for a long-lasting edge.
  • Ice-tempered metal to ensure long life.
  • Featherweight with finely serrated edge so you can feel the scissors working.
  • Package: Witte Box

Product Code: 82076

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