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A heavy-duty tub created for the busy salon. Made from premium 304 grade stainless steel, this bath will give you years of professional use. Features predrilled holes for plumbing, making installation easier. The backsplash helps keep the water and hair where it should be – in the tub! Features U-Shaped hooks for loops. To allow for blasting in the bath, the bath features a hair strainer to reduce blockages and ABS tiles to raise the pet up from the water and suds – meaning you won’t be blasting water and suds into the air or pet! Comes with a booster to raise up small dogs and puppies, meaning less stooping over the tub which leads to back ache and fatigue. Tub measures 50″ x 27″, making it suitable for the largest of breeds. Adjusts in height using the electric foot controls from 13″ – 47″, meaning this will suit all height groomers. Two door options available, depending on your preference. 


  • BTS-131E has a sliding door to allow easy dog entrance and exit
  • Deluxe SUS304 stainless steel.
  • Smart folding splash guard design.
  • Extensive lifting range, door access height adjusts from 10″ to 40″
  • Foldable Splash guard panels offer flexibility based on your needs
  • Easily manages small breeds (by raising the tub and using the included booster)
  • Large breeds or older dogs can stroll in and out when the tub is lowered
  • Water resistant foot pedal controls make operating the tub simple
  • The gentle up/down movement does not startle pets
  • Tubs also come with stainless steel hair strainer, flexible drain hose, two special designed floor grates and one puppy booster.
  • Faucet and water sprayer are not included.


Net Weight - 92 kg

Capacity - 140 kg

Dimensions - 51"L x 27"W x 43" - 69 "H ( 130 L x 69 W x 109 - 175H cm)

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