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Trixie Soft Slicker Brush helps cleans the coat's surface of dirt, dust and dead hair . It is made out of natural bristles, comes with a brush cleaner and has extra soft wire bristles and a plastic handle with a non-slip rubber grip. Combing improves appearance of the animal as well as stimulates blood circulation. In addition, the pet parent will become aware of hidden wounds in the pet, fleas, or other parasitic plagues. 


  • Fine wire bristles

  • Tackles tangles and matting easily. Removes dirt and debris from the coat all

  • Perfect for medium to long coated dogs that are prone to matts or that have dense fur texture, but can also be used on non-shedding breeds.

  • Removes dead hair from undercoat and topcoat

  • Anti-slip, soft-grip handle for safe and comfortable grooming.


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