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The Stainless Steel Raptor Warming & Oxygen Therapy Cage features a durable front door fixed in 8mm diameter stainless steel frame. Important facility for animals with cardiovascular or respiratory diseases. Also an incredibly important equipment for any veterinary clinic/hospital.   The proven design safely, reliably and conveniently keeps pets under warm and accurately controlled oxygen conditions. Ventilation holes predrilled on both front door and back board enhances pet care once inside. Hygrometer installed on front door, displays the humidity and temperature controller displays and controls temperature in the cage accurately. Comes with magnetic locks on door as standard. A mobile base is optional. 



Stainless Steel Heating Cage - Intensive Care Unit - M  35"L x 25"W x 44"H(inch)   Medium
Stainless Steel Heating Cage - Intensive Care Unit - L 51"L x 26"W x 34"(inch) 55kg Large

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