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  • Widely used for normothermia maintenance, fluid transfusion, oxygen supplement, blue light therapy, nebulization treatment, emergency rescue and in house observation
  • Convenient self-diagnostic and all the components are easy to be replaced
  • Safer as a result of power supply failure protection and ventilation fan control


Code Name of Produc Dimensions Capacity Size
UC-1901-M Stainless Steel ICU Unit - M 76x91.5x83cm (LxDxH) 38kg Medium
UC-1901-L Stainless Steel ICU Unit - L 152*91.5*99cm       (LxDxH) 83kg Large
UC-1901-BK Stainless Steel ICU Bank 1L+2M 152x91.5x182cm   (LxDxH) 159kg Combo

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