Stainless Steel Small Breeds Bathing Tub

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It is completely made of Premium Grade SUS304 stainless steel, heavy duty tub designed for professional use, will not be rusted for at least 10 years under normal usage condition. Predrilled holes on each size allows for 4" to 8" faucet hook-ups. The backsplash features two U-shaped hooks for shower heads to hang up to. Tubs also come with stainless steel hair strainer, two tub racks with PVC bath mat, to keep pets above dirty water. Perfect for small to medium dogs. 50cm deep. Contents: Aeolus Stainless steel bathing tub. Tub floor mat. Stainless steel hair strainer. Two tub racks with PVC mats.

Dimension: 33L x 27W x 47H inches

Product Code: BTS-85

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