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  • The trailer is equipped with reflectors on the front and on the back as well as on both wheels. In addition to that, reflecting stripes provide more safety by increasing visibility. In case of bad visibility and darkness, battery-powered bicycle rear lights can be attached if necessary
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity. Regularly check the Tyre pressure and tread. From time to time, grease the screws on the lever.
  • Please secure the stroller when it is not in use and directly before you let it go with the parking brake.
  • The stroller is only intended for carrying pets and not for transporting children!

Features -

  • for conversion from a bicycle trailer to a stroller

  • maneuverable due to 360° joint

  • parking brake

  • non-slip handle

To secure your pet -

Only ever allow your pet to get in or out through the rear door, with the front door closed. When entering or exiting the cabin always apply the brake carefully. With the pet inside the stroller, snap one end of the
(included) safety leash to the pet's collar and the other end to the D-ring located inside the trailer. Adjust the length of this leash so the pet cannot get out of the front door when it is open. Always close the rear door before riding off.

If your pet cannot get used to being transported in this way, please refer to the suggestions accompanying the bicycle trailer!

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